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Welcome to BGYN, a complete online store founded to deliver a select source of useful, durable, and innovative products to new parents. BGYN is driven by an enthusiastic spirit of integrity, to provide our loyal customers with the best rewards and savings at your fingertips. Since inception, BGYN strives as an organization because of the high quality of products, and not with the quantity of the catalog we present.


BGYN LLC was founded on July 7th, 2017! That's right! 7/7/17! It is no coincidence we were established on this date. It has become a snowball effect, to watch this paper, and pen project blossom into a online platform for new parents to learn the basics of parenthood. If you have made a purchase online! We invite you to share your experience on Our Facebook Fan Page. We have a 24/7 response team waiting to respond! We encourage you to leave a review.
Our biggest asset is your feedback.
BGYN will only offer a select variety of products to our platform, giving you a personalized experience. We are unlike any general store with hundreds of products to choose from. We latch on to a UNIQUE product that fits your needs, Our selected products are in sync with the mission we set out for you, convenience, peace of mind, and simplicity. We are defined by our customer service first, our values second, and our inventory of information, so when a customer is unhappy, that's right! We are unhappy until you are satisfied with your experience. BGYN goes the extra mile to ensure you are a happy customer. Our success is driven on the smile across your face as your package arrives! 


Our mission is to grow our business by always exceeding our member's expectations, through commitment to superior service. Our specialist are here to take care of you with compassion, integrity, and honesty. In the child care industry, we understand that there can be difference in opinion as to the safety of your child. That is why bgyn wants to educate you further on becoming a better educated customer.  We are a online platform for parent's worldwide. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


If you have questions regarding your order or recent online experience, please click here submit your question to a specialist or visit our FAQ page. Thank You!

We would like to give our most genuine appreciation for your business & taking the time to get to know the organization.


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BGYN will provide a solid platform for thousands of our customers to shop from the comfort of the home while enjoying valuable time with their new edition in their lives. We always welcome all who are shopping for loved ones with a newborn and want to share a valuable experience with everyone. BGYN has been powered by the reach of robust and modular social networking via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,& Instagram.

We are dedicated to obsessively deliver current products and gadgets useful for our respective customers, especially new parents, and even grand parents. The content published on BGYN are objective to present noteworthy tips, useful products, excellent tutorials, helpful tools, and much more.



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